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Surname Saturday ~ Simonds of Woburn, Massachusetts


This illustration of the Jesse Cutler House (built by William Simonds)
is from page 58 of Legends of Woburn, by Parker Lindall Converse,
published in 1896.  You can read this book at

William Simonds was born in 1612 in Winchester, Hampshire, England, son of William Symonds and Alice Unknown.   He settled first in Charlestown where he became a freeman in 1639.  He was first married to a Sarah Unknown about 1641 in Concord, Massachusetts, and then he removed to the settlement which became the town of Woburn, Massachusetts in about 1644 when he was taxed there.

In 1644 he also married Judith Phippen, the widow of James Hayward.  He built his house in the Cummingsville section of town about 1670, and is no longer standing, but there are photographs of it.  William Simonds died in 1672 and left Judith his house in his will, and it eventually passed to his son Benjamin and stayed I the Simonds family until 1844, when it was sold to Jesse Cutler.  

William and Judith had twelve children,  and ten lived to adulthood.  There are a large number of descendants who spread out over Middlesex County, Massachusetts and beyond.    If you are researching this family be sure to check all the various spellings: SYMONDS, SIMMONS, SIMMONDS, SIMONS, etc.

There are few books or articles about William Simonds and his descendants.  The best bet is to search the vital records, local histories and Woburn or Burlington records for this family.  The Burlington Historical Society was a terrific place to visit, too.   I also found these two books to be helpful:
Genealogical Sketch of William Simonds, by Edward Francis Johnson, 1889
The History of Woburn, Massachusetts from the Grant of its Territory to Charlestown in 1640 to the year 1680, by Charles C. Sewall, 1990, Heritage Books

The town of Burlington was once part of Woburn, Massachusetts.  You can find many places there named after the Simonds family, including Simonds Park (once the Nathan Simonds home), the Marshall Simonds Middle School, and Simonds Road. 

My lineage from William Simonds:

Generation 1: William Simonds, baptized on 20 November 1612 at St. Peter’s in Winchester, Hampshire, England, died on 7 June 1672 in Woburn, Massachusetts; married first to Sarah Unknown, married second to Judith Phippen, widow of James Hayward, on 18 January 1644 in Woburn.  She died 3 January 1690 in Woburn.

Generation 2:  James Simonds, born 1 November 1658 in Woburn, died 15 September 1717 in Woburn; married on 28 December 1685 in Woburn to Susannah Blodgett, daughter of Samuel Bloggett and Ruth Eggleton.  She was born 17 February 1663 in Woburn and died 9 February 1715 in Woburn.   James Simonds married second to Anna Lawrence.

Generation 3:  James Simonds, son of James Simonds and Susannah Blodgett, was born 1 November 1686 in Woburn, and died 30 June 1775 in Woburn; married on 17 June 1714 in Woburn to Mary Fowle, daughter of James Fowle and Mary Richardson.  She was born 18 June 1689 in Woburn and died 9 March 1762 in Woburn.

Generation 4:  Caleb Simonds, born 27 August 1720 in Woburn, died 4 January 1811; married first on 26 March 1746 in Woburn to Susanna Converse, daughter of Robert Converse and Mary Sawyer.  She was born on 18 June 1724 in Woburn and died 29 October 1771 in Woburn. Caleb Simonds married second to Lucy Mixer on 6 December 1774 in Woburn.   She was the daughter of Joseph Mixer and Mary Ball, born on 21 November 1727 in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and died on 3 September 1783 in Burlington, Massachusetts. 

Generation 5: Ruth Simonds, daughter of Caleb Simonds and Susanna Converse, born 13 April 1763 in Woburn,  and died 29 January 1840 in Danvers, Massachusetts; married on 22 March 1785 in Burlington, Massachusetts to Andrew Munroe, son of Andrew Munroe and Lucy Mixer (his step-mother).  Andrew Munroe, Jr. was born on 31 March 1764 in Lexington, Massachusetts and died on 7 August 1836 in Danvers, Massachusetts. 

Generation 6:  Luther Simonds Munroe m. Olive Flint
Generation 7:  Phebe Cross Munroe m. Robert Wilson Wilkinson
Generation 8:  Albert Munroe Wilkinson m. Isabella Lyons Bill
Generation 9:  Donald Munroe Wilkinson m. Bertha Louise Roberts (my grandparents)

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  1. My (late) sister once lived in Woburn and worked in Burlington, as a surgeon at the Lahey Clinic. So your title caught my eye. I continue to be impressed by your massive compilation of genealogy records. I just got a huge bundle of information from a second cousin, relatives in the hundreds, but even when I finish recording it (years from now!) it won't approach all your knowledge. I have to say, Kudos!

    1. Thanks, Mariann, my daughter lives in Burlington, next to the Simonds middle school. I told her she was "coming home to her ancestors". At 25 they don't appreciate it like we do!

  2. I am a Symonds descendant, just getting started in genealogical research. My line is William b. 1612, Lt. Benjamin, Joseph, Samuel, Samuel, Ashnah, Sylvester R., Clarence S., Nellie Louise (my grandmother). Until 1924, family members resided in Connecticut after migrating there from Massachusetts. In 1924, Nellie and her husband Frank Miller Augur loaded their six children into an open touring car for a transcontinental move to the Pacific NW -- a trek of great adventure. About a hundred descendants still reside in PNW.

    I am going to have to do some research on Burlington! A Simonds school there? Who knew?

  3. I to am a wiliam simonds descendant thru his son joseph all the way down to my grandfather Frank Simonds of central ny state. A 6th cousin who can trace a direct male line from himself to william has done familytreedna testing and found out that the simonds male line is of Scaninivan deep ancestry. Part of the I-Hapolgroup. some time between the year 400 to the year 1000 the line must have been part of ethier Vikings, Dannish settlers or Ango Saxon's and ended up in england from Nordic lands somehow. Thought you might like to know