New England Genealogy Bloggers

Tim Abbott- Walking the Berkshires-

Claire Ammon - New Haven Genealogy 

Pam Beveridge – Heirlooms Reunited 

Diane Boumenot – One Rhode Island Family -

Robert Burnett – Uncontained Multitudes

Janice Brown – Cow Hampshire

June Butka - Dame Gussie

Wendy Callahan – New England Genealogy -

Sara Campbell- Remembering Ancestors – Genealogy Gathering

Pam Carter - My Maine Ancestry

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino – Acadian Ancestral Home (and others)


Jean B. Duncan- Stories from Aroostook County

Dick Eastman- Eastman’s Online Genealogy News -

Elaine Fitch - Mainely Genealogy

Midge Frazel – Granite in my Blood

Carla Gade- Relatively Speaking

Marcia Gulesian – North Country Chronicles - 

Cheryl Hall, Harry A. Hall, Hollis Hatfield, Stephanie Hall Miller – Four Hall Cousins -

Elizabeth Pyle Handler- From Maine to Kentucky- and also A Jewish Genealogy Journey

Will Haskell – Will’s Genealogy

Caitlin Hopkins - Vast Public Indifference

David Larsson- McRae/Anderson Genealogy

Liz Loveland -

Michael Maglio – Origin Hunters -

Liesa Healey Miller- Unsolved Histories

Cheryll Toney Holley - For All My Relations (African American and Native American)

Polly Kimmett- Polly Blog-

Leah Kleylein- Random Notes

Nancy LeCompte (Canyon Wolf) Gwilodwogan Research)

Marian Pierre Louis – The New England House Historian (and others)

Sally Mack – I think we’re related -

Barbara Matthews – The Demanding Genealogist-

Timothy McQuaid- Forgotten Journeys

Shellee Moorehead – Roots in Rhode Island

Ryan W. Owen – Forgotten New England (Lowell, MA)

Brynna O’Sullivan- Explorations in Connecticut Genealogy -

Barbara Poole – Life from the Roots-

Bette Wing Pye - The Pye Plate

TJ Rand – Epsom, NH - 

Michelle Robillard- Call Me Shell-

Christy Robinson- William and Mary Dyer-

Heather Wilkinson Rojo – Nutfield Genealogy

Pam Schaffner - Digging Down East (lives in Ohio, writes about Maine)

Jennifer Shoer- Scrappy Genealogist

Cynthia Shenette – Heritage Zen

Craig Siulinski- August Legacy

Bill West - West in New England

Russ Worthington-

Mary Tedesco - Origins Italy

Dave Robison - Old Bones Genealogy

Melissa D. Berry, Jane Pothier - AnceStory Archives

Jennifer Zink-  Ancestor Central

Wendy Grant Walther - From A to Zophar

John Tew - Filiopietism Prism -

Susi Pentico - Susi's Chatty Performances

Melissa Hayes - Are you my great grandmother? 


  1. the Vietnam Vet's listing . Ernest H. Cail , Londonderry, NH. hates to see his name read Dail, on the Nutfield website. That's my brother listed below me, Lawrence.

  2. Don't forget me :)

    1. I can't believe I forgot you, Pam! Sorry! (I knew I'd forget one or two...)

  3. me! (Wendy Grant Walter)
    and John Tew's blog,

  4. Heather! I wasn't sure where else I had the option of commenting, but I looked at the 9x surnames page and we're definitely related through multiple lines on your maternal line and possibly a few on your father's - would love to get in touch!

    1. Hi, Hunter! Thanks for your comment. You can contact me at, via Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment here or on any blog post.