New England Genealogy Bloggers

Tim Abbott- Walking the Berkshires-

Claire Ammon - New Haven Genealogy   

Pam Beveridge – Heirlooms Reunited 

Diane Boumenot – One Rhode Island Family -

Robert Burnett – Uncontained Multitudes

Janice Brown – Cow Hampshire

June Butka - Dame Gussie

Wendy Callahan – New England Genealogy -

Sara Campbell- Remembering Ancestors – Genealogy Gathering

Pam Carter - My Maine Ancestry

Lucie LeBlanc Consentino – Acadian Ancestral Home (and others)

Lori Lynn Price -

Jean B. Duncan- Stories from Aroostook County

Dick Eastman- Eastman’s Online Genealogy News -

Elaine Fitch - Mainely Genealogy

Midge Frazel – Granite in my Blood

Carla Gade- Relatively Speaking

Marcia Gulesian – North Country Chronicles -   

Cheryl Hall, Harry A. Hall, Hollis Hatfield, Stephanie Hall Miller – Four Hall Cousins -

Elizabeth Pyle Handler- From Maine to Kentucky- and also A Jewish Genealogy Journey 

Will Haskell – Will’s Genealogy

Caitlin Hopkins - Vast Public Indifference

David Larsson- McRae/Anderson Genealogy

Liz Loveland -

Michael Maglio – Origin Hunters -

Liesa Healey Miller- Unsolved Histories

Cheryll Toney Holley - For All My Relations (African American and Native American)

Polly Kimmett- Polly Blog-

Leah Kleylein- Random Notes

Nancy LeCompte (Canyon Wolf) Gwilodwogan Research)

Marian Pierre Louis – The New England House Historian (and others)

Sally Mack – I think we’re related -

Barbara Matthews – The Demanding Genealogist-

Timothy McQuaid- Forgotten Journeys

Shellee Moorehead – Roots in Rhode Island

Ryan W. Owen – Forgotten New England (Lowell, MA)

Brynna O’Sullivan- Explorations in Connecticut Genealogy -

Barbara Poole – Life from the Roots-

Bette Wing Pye - The Pye Plate

TJ Rand – Epsom, NH - 

Michelle Robillard- Call Me Shell-

Christy Robinson- William and Mary Dyer-  

Heather Wilkinson Rojo – Nutfield Genealogy  

Pam Schaffner - Digging Down East (lives in Ohio, writes about Maine)

Jennifer Shoer- Scrappy Genealogist  

Cynthia Shenette – Heritage Zen  

Craig Siulinski- August Legacy  

Bill West - West in New England  

Russ Worthington-

Mary Tedesco - Origins Italy

Dave Robison - Old Bones Genealogy

Melissa D. Berry, Jane Pothier - AnceStory Archives

Jennifer Zink-  Ancestor Central

Wendy Grant Walther - From A to Zophar

John Tew - Filiopietism Prism -

Susi Pentico - Susi's Chatty Performances

Melissa Hayes - Are you my great grandmother? 

Katharine -  Sand in My Shoes

Lee Bingham Redgrave - Cousin Smith

Christine McCloud - Beautiful Water Genealogy

Laurie Desmarais - Confuse the Dead

Beverly Fieg - Knit Genealogist  


  1. the Vietnam Vet's listing . Ernest H. Cail , Londonderry, NH. hates to see his name read Dail, on the Nutfield website. That's my brother listed below me, Lawrence.

  2. Don't forget me :)

    1. I can't believe I forgot you, Pam! Sorry! (I knew I'd forget one or two...)

  3. me! (Wendy Grant Walter)
    and John Tew's blog,

  4. Heather! I wasn't sure where else I had the option of commenting, but I looked at the 9x surnames page and we're definitely related through multiple lines on your maternal line and possibly a few on your father's - would love to get in touch!

    1. Hi, Hunter! Thanks for your comment. You can contact me at, via Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment here or on any blog post.

  5. Heather, I just wanted you to know that my statistics show that this page is generating traffic to my blog. I love this link and have found some wonderful new blogs through it. I was wondering if you would mind if I created a similar tab for my blog so that my readers would be able to easily find and explore some of these great writers. I could create a tab with a link to this page to simplify things and keep the information all in one place. Let me know what you think of this idea.

    1. Hi, Pam! Sure you may create a tab like this! I'll be updating this soon, there are some new New England genealogy bloggers I haven't added yet. You can find an updated list on the Facebook page for New England Genealogy Bloggers.

  6. Hi Heather! Love your blog! Please check out my (New England) blog at: Thanks!

    1. Dear Katharine, I tried to send you an email through your blog but it didn't seem to go through. Please contact me at I'd like to have you join the New England Geneabloggers group on Facebook, and join us at our group at the NERGC convention in Providence, RI in April. In the meantime, I will add you to both lists.